Aug 11


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August 11, after listening to DaDaDa all week (which is understandable since Daddy isn’t here we talk about him alot). Baby crawled over, put her hands on my legs to climb up and said Mo-mmma Momma then she did it with her funny little vibrating lips trick… which would be something like Mobbbbbbbrrrrrrrrmmmmmaaa. ??!

Thought that deserved a post!

Jul 25

Complete update

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Blog? I have a blog? Holy cow! OK, I know I know… everytime I have time to do this, something comes up. I swear. So anyway – I thought I should give a full update so we are all on the same page.
Baby V is doing just fantastic. She is a week away from being 10 months old and she is just the cutest, fun-est thing ever! She is crawling like crazy and standing on the furniture. Her little personality is coming out in her crazy facial expressions (just like Mamma) and in her cunning and escape abilities (just like Pappa). She has 2 bottom teeth, and I’m sure the top ones are close to coming through.

She is into exploration – had some fun at Grandma’s in the grass

And she is eating more and more different foods. Here is a peach and blueberry puree I made for her… We had to give her a bath after this one, she even had it on her feet!!

Me. As most of you know, I am not working at the moment (unless you are hiring for freelance Graphic Design, then call me). So I am staying at home with the baby full time, while looking for a new freelance or part-time job. I really don’t want to work full time if I don’t have to, I miss so much of her with the commuting and being gone all day. And baby V is the main priority at the moment.

The house. This was going to be the year we were going to get a lot done… alas. We did go ahead and get the large windows in the back ordered for replacement, and the door in the office… that should maybe save us a little money on heating and cooling… so all for the best.

Oh and the best and final news: New baby #2 is on the way! Whoo-hooooo! That was a lot easier… oh well. That’s what happens when you decide to take a month or two off after being laid-off… pregnancy happens!

We are due in late January or the first week of February

That is the long and the short of everything for now. I’ll try and keep this more up to date!

Feb 6

Snowmageddon 2011

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Snowmaggedon 2011 – we had a snow day and we all stayed home! Luckily our neighbor has a tractor with a plow, otherwise it would have taken us all day to dig out. As it was E was out there for several hours. Baby and I stayed inside and played (so good to be the Mamma!)
Check out the images in the snowmaggedon gallery!

Jan 24

Tall adversity

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What is with the tall-adverse in our world? Is it really so out of the ordinary to be over 5′ 10″? I love not being short, but yet I hate all the nonsense with being tall! For instance: pants – good luck finding lengths that work. So far I have found New York & Co Jeans and Old Navy for sweats… ooh such variety. (Yes, I know I could spend $100 on Levis – do you know who you’re talking to???). And now the freaking car seat. For some reason I had it in my head that the car seat is just temporary yadda yadda yadda… Then you start thinking about it and it goes on for YEARS. Right now the infant seat cannot go behind either of us in the Saturn. For a long trip we can shove it over to the middle, but then it’s really hard to get Baby in the thing (especially now she’s getting so big). Well I thought the next seat up would be better – nope, not at all. So at this point it looks like we are going to start looking at cars to accommodate our child safely. I am so pissed I could just spit nails! I love the Saturn, it gets good mileage, cleans up easy, is easy to park and drive and is comfortable for both E and I (which is rare that he can fit so nicely in a car). But nooooo not for Baby! We’ll have to get a bigger SUV like the Chevy Traverse, or perish the thought, a mini-van! ACK! UGH. And to add insult to injury we are flying to Florida in February… I bet there has been another round of seat shortening and we’ll have to saw E’s leg off or he’ll have to stand all the way to Florida! The world is tall adverse!

Jan 24

Crib bumpers

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So I was a good Mommy and removed the crib bumpers from Baby’s crib. Now that she’s been in there a couple months she just has a jolly time in her bed all night. She kicks and kicks and talks and laughs with herself. Which is good – she is what people call a “self-soother”. Such a good Baby. BUT – she kicks and kicks and while she hasn’t rolled over yet she turns in a circle with her head as the center point. Well of course the mattress is narrow thru the middle so she gets her feet in between the crib bars. She thinks this is just hilarious. I see her waiting for me to appear in the morning then she just cracks up laughing and kicking her little feet up and down in the slats. **sigh** It must remind her of Mamma’s ribcage – cause she did the same thing to me during the pregnancy. So I have re-installed the bumpers. She is fully capable of rolling over, she just chooses not to and she can turn her head to either side on her tummy or on her back. Sure enough this morning I went in and her little knees were jammed up against the bumper – foiled at her game. Silly precious baby.

Jan 7

I love technology

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Mommy can see Baby if Daddy is there to run the computer. Such a sanity saver – and it will probably prevent me from getting fired for wanting to leave at 2 everyday!

video chat with baby!

Dec 31

Christmas fun

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We had a wonderful, yet exhausting Christmas. First we went to the Beasley family get together and got to see everybody – even my step-sibs from Florida and Colorado. Baby charmed everyone and got so pooped out we had to take a disco nap – something she never does at home. Of course there’s only 3 people fawning over her here 😉 Then we continued on to the Grandparents to hang with the sibs. We had a lot of fun there – so much in fact that there are hardly any photos **sigh** oh well – next year we are assigning the 3 Dad’s to take stills and video so Mom’s and Grandma’s can help with gifts and kids.
Then to top it off we had a visit from our friends from Michigan and their beautiful twins – again, we had so much fun we didn’t take any pictures. But, lots of fun!
Here’s a picture of Baby with her loot. Thanks to everyone for being so generous!

Dec 21

Funny Baby

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E sent me a video of V chewing on her little hand – it’s so cute! But the last frame is the clencher… he starts talking to her and her eyes bug out… Oh I could just die from the cuteness of it all!
Here is an image of the last frame


Baby being funny

Here’s the FB video

Dec 21

Baby – in her crib :(

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So last night Baby slept in her own room in her own crib. So sad. She didn’t even notice I don’t think. So far she has slept right next to me in the co-sleeper. I like being able to just peep in on her all the time – now with the floors so squeaky I don’t want to keep walking around and waking her up – at least till she and I are used to it!! But I can obviously hear her on the monitor – not that I need it, she’s only right across the hall – but if you crank up the volume you can hear all her loud sleeping noises. I’m sure her Dad slept much better without all the racket in the room, but I like hearing her little whimpers, grunts and sniffles. Whoever said “Sleep like a baby” has clearly never slept next to a baby! She’s a busy little thing 24/7. And there is a lot more room in her crib for all her flailing around – poor little thing kept hitting the edges of the co-sleeper… guess I should say tall little thing!! 🙂
Notice I added a gallery page – right now it’s mostly pictures from my cell phone, but I will go thru and add new ones from the other cameras.

Dec 15

back at work

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Ho-hum. Back at work 🙁 I know I am good and lucky that Baby can stay at home with her Grandma and play with one of her cousins. No bundling up and schlepping to day care in the morning. Only fun adventures with Grandma or Daddy or out to dinner with Mommy and Daddy. She is a lucky lady. I am also hoping this will help her not get sick this winter – I’m hoping we can avoid RSV till next year.

I am sad at work – but I have pictures and I know she’s in good hands. Adult conversation is over-rated, and I mostly sit in my office all day by myself, so what’s the diff? Oh well. I am thinking about joining a gym to try and get in shape. I’ve read online that Women’s Workout World is a cheap, basic place with classes and weights. Looks like they will also do a non-contract option, which is great for me because who knows what will happen in the next year… we’re still planning on winning the mega millions 😉