Jul 11

Another Day at the Beach

Posted by Milkman

Took a short trip to the dunes this morning, beautiful day!

Sep 14

Ah, Mexico

Posted by Mrs. M

Some photos from our trip! We had a fantastic time, we did very little except eat, drink, and SCUBA.

E is for SCUBA today

E is for SCUBA today

I am also for SCUBA today

I am also for SCUBA today

the reef in the national park, lots of fishies and coral

the reef in the national park, lots of fishies and coral

first sting ray seen on a dive – it was about as big as me!

first sting ray seen on a dive – it was about as big as me!

sunset on the last night on our way to dinner

sunset on the last night on our way to dinner

sunset from the beach

sunset from the beach

Aug 31

OK, So I had my follow-up with the doctor last week. She decided that she would allow us to try Clomid to help with the baby issues. There is no obvious defect or mis-function, but sometimes Clomid helps with vague fertility problems. If this doesn’t work, she is going to refer us out to an endorchronologist. And hopefully by then we’ll be able to change our insurance to cover any of this stuff. Apparently we don’t have any level of fertility coverage, even though Illinois law mandates coverage, somehow Allstate gets around the rule. But hopefully they have a PPO, with our doctors, that includes fertility coverage. bastards. So in about 2 weeks I’ll start the clomid. I can’t freakin wait. The biggest side effect is multiples (like that would be bad) and apparently PMS x 11. great. We’ll see how chemical Stephanie does.

On a completely separate note. For my birthday, and to get away from work (which has been nuts lately), and all these hormonal, emotional issues. We are going to Mexico for a brief vacation! Labor Day – Thursday. Just down to Cancun, shockingly it was cheaper to do all-inclusive Cancun than to go someplace closer like Carolina or Florida. darn.

Feb 17

Here is our ship as seen from shore in Samana, Dominican Republic. We went on the NCL Dawn.samana-e28093-ncl-dawn

In Samana, our first stop, we had a fun day in 8′-12’+ seas going out to see the humpback whales. We were in a small and low to the water boat (which made it easier to see the whales). The captain did a good job wrangling the boat in the giant waves, although we got drenched in the process… Here’s the before and after:


And here is a photo of our quarry… the humpback whale. We saw a family group of 3 adults and 1 baby. They are very peaceful and we didn’t stay long once we had found them so as not to disturb them too much (and there where 2 people on our boat puking their guts out)


Kristina and I went into town – there isn’t much to see, it’s a new port so there is a lot of poverty and gangs of little boys running around selling sea shells and basically begging for money. I didn’t like to see that, but I’m sure as more development comes in there will be more money for schools and to keep them off the streets (we can only hope)

Next was the far richer port of St Thomas. E and I took a Jeep tour of the island, we went around the whole thing and stopped at 3 beaches along the way. We had intermittent storms through the day, but in the Carribean, nothing lasts too long!


The first beach was a private beach at University of the Virgin Islands (why didn’t I get that brochure in college?)


E and I in the water there…


Beautiful Megan’s Bay – here we were at the top of the island on an overlook of Megans Bay….

The big island in the photo is for sale, only 44 million, who wants to go in on it?!


Pointing to our new house (ha ha) or more likely where we’ll park our boat for a few weeks when we win the lottery!

Our last stop on the tour was a Saphire Beach resort where I took these photos of plants, animals, and ocean.


We wanted to go into town to Charlotte, the capital, but it started to downpour and we only had a couple of hours left to get on the boat. So we just did some shopping in port, I did some damage to the good ol AMEX and E got a new Hawaiian shirt and some rum.

Next was Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. We didn’t make any plans here, we just bummed around town and the boys went to a bar our friend Eric was familiar with, Pussers. They drank Pussers rum and the girls went shopping. Of course on the way to the place there was shopping, hence the boys sitting on the “peter” bench (ask my mom, thats what they call it!)


and a portrait of one of the roosters running around on Tortola.


E and I on the ship on “date night” we went to the steak place for dinner, it was called Cagneys – had a Chicago mob theme (shocker)

Last port was the NCL private island, Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas. The island was nice, but there was about 1,000 too many people for my taste, got a nice weird sunburn where I missed with the spray on sunblock, so did pretty much everyone else


beautiful water color next to rocks (old coral, it’s a coral and volcanic island)stirrup-fish-portrait

portrait of a fish


a towel animal our room steward made for us


E at the Calipso party on deck (yeah, a 10:30 party is past our bedtime)


funky cloud ocean outside the plane window approaching Chicago

More later – just getting the photos posted!

Sep 30

How could this NOT be fun?

Posted by Mrs. M

E and I are going. It’s soooo nice to have a hubby that supports your craziness. And we figure it’ll be a cruise with more people our own age instead of the seniors or the kids. The itinerary isn’t very exotic, we’ve been everywhere except the last place… but maybe that’ll save us money on shore excursions? (ha ha)

Firehouse Trixter and Warrant – on a cruise?!