Sep 25

Vote for a Lombard park

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Vote for Madison Meadow Park in Lombard!

Vote for Madison Meadow Park in Lombard!

They are giving $25K to a local park based on votes

Aug 26

How can the airflow be zero?

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Son-of-a-bitch. I swear to GOD! People, if you are updating systems in your house – cheapest is not the best! HOLY SHIT! We are still having issues with heating and cooling the house. So we had a guy come in to check out the system and see if there would be a better way to “balance” the system (returns vs vents etc). Well he used his little fancy thing and there is ZERO airflow upstairs. shocker. I could have told him that. Apparently the current furnace is FULL of coal dust (not surprising considering what they pulled out of the vents) and it is also significantly under-powered. Damn it. So I guess we will be getting a tax credit this year for a new furnace! Can I say again – SON OF A BITCH!

Jun 24

A great advantage of wordpress… get bored, click a new theme!

Jan 30

kitties and 1 week to go!

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Aww, the kitties… Dizzy can be cute, and Kisses can be tolerant. It’s cold in our house, so I think they’re forced to cuddle!dizzy_eyeskitties_aw

Next Saturday we leave on our cruise. I cannot wait to get away from this weather!!

Norwegian Dawn

Norwegian Dawn

Dec 22

Milkman here (yes, I do exist). I’ve got a super special treat for everyone….

Photos of myself and Mrs. M in what Kevin smith refers to as “The Godfather 2 of Comic Book Movies”! 

Not Howard the Duck 2, not Bukkaro Bonsai: The World Crime League (Don’t get me started on that one)…but the second in Nolan’s amazing reboot of the Batman Franchise: The Dark Knight

I’m sure all of you saw us right away, because the shots were obviously centered around us due to our dazzling screen presences (so much so that they couldn’t even put us both in the same shot, we’re in different scenes).


So without further ado, here’s Mrs. M:


And the wide angle shot….

Mrs. M's Big Screen Debut

And here’s me earning my Actor’s paycheck:


Milkman on Film

Milkman on Film


So go ahead, bow before the awesomeness that is us.

Oct 1


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“Because getting it tomorrow wouldn’t be a surprise…” What a nice hubby I have (3rd wedding anniversary)

3rd anniversary roses

Sep 26

It’s the little things…

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So ever since we moved into the new house the upstairs toilet has been highly annoying to me. It’s not broken or anything that would warrant having a plumber over, just annoying. Everytime you push the lever to flush, it doesn’t – then you have to hold the lever for preciesly the right amount of time to get it to flush and not just add water, a kink of diluting “rinse” (gross). So now that E has gotten the go ahead to do a review course for his next big cert – I figure it’s OK to ask for some things to be fixed. I’ve suspended all projects so he could study without interuption (aren’t I a nice wife?) So the other day I said “Will you p-l-e-a-s-e figure out what is wrong with that toilet?” He got on the google and figured that frick and frack the flippers had put a flapper on for a more modern, low flow number, when this one isn’t one of those new-fangled jobs. So he went to the Depot, spent $7 and now it’s fixed! Ahh, the luxuries – a simple touch of the lever and away goes the contents – it’s so nice not to have to (attempt to) flush 2 or 3 times!

We also are paying to have the gutters cleaned – I figured we could climb up and over the roof to do the ones in the front – but the roof has a much steeper pitch than you’d think, so I vetoed any spider operations and we just spent the money to have a professional do it. Plus they’re going to check the whole gutter system, so at least that’ll be done before winter.

Sep 9

So we went to this furniture store that was closing – hoping to find a deal. Well we found the same type of deal that we got on our bedroom set and decided to go ahead and get a table and chairs. Since our one of our overnight guests complaint was “buy a table”… And it is nice to have a table and someplace to eat other than our knees in the family room. Here is a picture

And people think it’s wierd I say our cat is “toy indifferent” but she is… here’s some proof. How Kisses plays with a toy:

Jun 3


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Definitely NOT a 4 letter word, no matter what spellcheck tells you.

Mrs. M sold this place……what some may have called a tricky sell….in what we’ve been told repeatedly is the “worst possible time” to try and sell… our lifetime.

The design of the kitchen (and the million decisions therein)
The bathroom (I did some scrubbing, but all the grout, and every tile, was her work)
The marketing.
The showings.

I’m just the gorilla who moves, breaks & ocassioanlly assembles things, there’s no question as to where the sales credit goes to for this one…..

So lets hear it, a round of applause……

Jun 2

Oh yeah! Time to go!

Posted by Mrs. M

We FINALLY got an offer on the condo! After negotiating all weekend, we have come to an agreement with the buyers. We haven’t signed everything yet – but I’m sure the realtor will send over a contract!


They want to close in mid July so we’ll only have to make one double payment, which will be nice. We’ll actually be able to afford the gigantic washer and dryer we bought this weekend. Which of course won’t fit in the laundry closet we have. **sigh**. But E is going to work on that – we may just have a contractor come in and add 6″ to the closet. Seems like a pain in the ass – but I’d rather keep the washer and dryer on the first floor than to move them to the basement. darn it!