Sep 1

A few people have asked about what size baby is wearing. So here is the breakdown of what she wears and what she needs:

Gift Cards
Kohl’s, Target, Old, Navy, or Once Upon a Child

College education
Form for contributions to Veronica’s 529 Savings Plan

She is getting a custom rocking chair already from her Momma and Grandma Havens. She could use a kid scale table and chairs. (These examples are just for illustration – if you have better ideas it’s all good with us!)

Also mesh bed rails for a toddler bed

Potty training will start soon enough BABYBJÖRN Smart Potty and BABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer

I haven’t gotten a growth chart yet, I thought these were cute Eeboo growth chart.

She is wearing 12 month size right now. So for fall and winter I suggest 18 month size. We like putting her in leggings and long sleeve t-shirts or sweaters for day to day – (if you go to Old Navy its 18-24 month size). Always err on the side of a little larger as Miss V is ahead of the curve in size!!

She could use mittens and a hat and furry boots would be a good idea as well.

If you are more into spring, I would go with 24 month size.

Shoes are tricky, right now I think she is wearing size 3

Baby loves books and she has very few

Puzzles and classic educational toys

Circo bath toy storage &/or coordinating bath mats

Soft Dolls (these are so cute: Learn to dress doll)

My policy on noise-making toys is it’s fine if it makes noise, as long as that noise is initiated by the kid. Toys that just make noise for the sake of noise are no-no’s. The exception to this rule is drum sets. Buy us a drum set and make the shit-list forever!

Jul 9


Posted by Mrs. M

Love chandeliers… just got some for the house

Medium 6-light for living room – there will be 2 of these, so awesome

Large 12-light for dining room

3-light for foyer at the bottom of the steps

Don’t ask me when we are going to stop spending money on this house… it’s getting a bit ridiculous though!

Mar 25

So E and I are biting the bullet and having the front landscaped… Basically it’s just dirt right now, plus we have some drainage issues that are annoying. So the landscaper is going to fix the gutters and the drains, he’s installing lights, and a TON of plants… Here is my half-asses comp of what I think it will be… most of these are out of scale and some aren’t the exact plants because I couldn’t find what he was saying… but I think the only thing I’ll change is the bit of orange…to pink, of course!

the whole effect

the south side… highlights are a beautiful magnolia and hydrangeas, azeleas and some color all year with boxwoods and red twig dogwoods

the north side more boxwoods, hydrangeas, rose of sharon tree (hibiscus) and burning bushes flanking the front door.

Even better – a warranty on the plants and someone else to do all the digging!!!

Mar 11

It’s a start anyway!

Posted by Mrs. M

The furniture arrived that I ordered for the “bowling alley”. I am very pleased with what we got… now I just need to find the time and energy to finish all the accessories (and possibly buy a sofa).

I think I can make a sofa work behind the 2 big chairs facing the window… then I could add a console table to separate 2 areas. And I need to get some of the random junk out of there… no idea what I’m holding onto those slanted shelves for… they don’t work with the wainscoting.

Now I have to decide what style of rugs I want and I’ll need to paint the entire room (which I dread since Frick and Frack the flippers did a terrible job on all the trim – so I may have to sand or strip and sand **sigh**)

Goldie Locks here sat in all of the chairs right away, then proceeded to climb all of them and try to sharpen his claws. So glad we had him declawed, he is such a menace! Kisses has walked through the room – but I don’t think she has sat on any of the new stuff yet.

Jan 26

OK – so over the last few weekends I have purchased furniture for the house. Well, specifically for the “bowling alley” as E and I call it. Its a very narrow and long room (about 13′ x 25′) and it has kind of a weird flow – being an old house and all.


I have no idea why I’m posting this – unless Candice Olson reads my blog and can help me fix it… (help me Candice, you’re my only hope!) As you can see – it is mostly a collection ground for crap we don’t know what to do with since we moved in… we had all this over-scaled art in the condo that doesn’t work with the wains-coating (or whatever it is).  **sigh**

BUT I did buy 4 chairs and a table and ottoman… 2 high-backed chairs in front of the fireplace and 2 lower chairs and table towards the front of the room (like a library/reading table).

this will have the light gray fabric

this will have the dark gray fabric (no ottoman)

this is the fabric – the ottoman that goes with the 2 high-back chairs will be in the fantastic print.

Again, no idea why I’m posting this, unless it’s to work on my own ideas…. which are pretty spare at the moment!

Jul 11

So we decided to stimulate the Chinese economy and we got a Wii! We’re also getting the Wii Fit, but they’re hard to find, but GameStop dude says Sunday. We got the Guitar Hero III with the Les Paul Gibson guitars – those other ones are too crappy looking. I think E also got some additional songs.

Guitar Hero 3

Hopefully the Wii Fit will inspire us to work out… It looks like tons of fun.

Wii Fit

And the weight limit is 330 lbs so it’s not a problem for E (not that he’s anywhere near that much, but you’d be surprised how much stuff has a 200 lb weight limit on it… see broken ladder and catamaran trips). So mission accomplished to blow all the stimulus money back into the economy buying toys. It’s our duty as Americans!

Jun 23

packy packy unpacky

Posted by Mrs. M

Everything is going swimmingly. E and I spent Sunday cleaning the condo and getting all the Kisses tumbleweeds swept up. I finished painting the office when we got home. So tonight we get to move all the furniture in there and finally start unloading stuff into the office. Since most of our junk goes in there (due to lack of furniture sufficient for a 4 bedroom house) It’ll make a huge dent in the box jungle in our formal living room! I used Dutch Boy paint because we were at Menards getting shelf clips (more on that in a second) and I didn’t want to drive all the way to Lowes or Home Depot to get my prefered brands of paint. So the Dutch Boy comes with this “easy open, easy pour” lid. Yes, it has a spout inside so it is more like pouring laundry detergent then paint. But the easy open screw top lid defeated me. I must have sat there for 15 minutes trying to get that stupid thing open. Finally I ended up wasting over an hour because I had to wait for E to come home since none of the neighbor men were outside in their yards. So even though I was less than trilled with the paint – the color looks nice and I think it will be a good place for us to work in.

The shelf clips. So frick and frack that “flipped” our house put in a “new” kitchen. They all seem like pretty standard sizes to me – but whatever. They then proceeded to paint it themselves and used the wrong method or  paint (all the doors stick and feel sticky). But aside from the cosmetics the large corner cabinets have shelves in them but no pegs and the base cabinets were missing all the shelves. So we went to Menards thinking that they had just bought them off the floor or something and we could pick up some shelf pins and shelves. No such luck. It’s all custom. So I decided just to order the pins (which were like $4 so I’m not complaining about that) and I would have E make me some shelves. After looking at the catalog the cabinets all clearly came with shelves, so we decided to look around more in the house. E finally found them in the basement behind some junk – so all is well.

So more drama. But Kisses seems to have gotten over the hump. She’s running up the steps without fear and last night she even came out on the screened in porch with us!

I’ll post some more photos later!

Jun 11

So our closet in the Master bedroom has got the chimney in the middle of it. (How convenient) So putting a rod and shelves across it was out of the question. And the people that “flipped” this house didn’t add anything like closet rods, door pulls or bath hardware. So I designed a closet system using Closet Maid stuff from Home Depot. The closet has a his and hers side and up the middle of the chimney we are going to add angled shelves for shoes, but we didn’t have the proper hardware to mount them (and by “we” of course I mean “E”) But the closet looks spectacular. I think we’ll have as much storage as we do in our double closets – not as much floor space, but just as much rod space I think. Here’s a photo of the finished product

And we got some of our grown-up furniture delivered. We didn’t have to assemble it or anything! Only one hitch, the place delivered the wrong size bed frame so we’ll have to wait for them to bring a new King frame. But the dressers are really nice – they’re made of wood, not particle board. I think they’ll last at least forever!

May 31

So we made our first shoppng trip to IKEA to get our office stuff. We decided to turn the first floor guest room into an office with a futon. We got a really nice “click-clack” futon at this crazy little store in Chicago called Bed Kings. They sell at discounted prices and you just choose your furniture from the manufacturers catalog and the deliver it right to you. They were highly rated on Yelp so we went for it and we’re very happy with what we got! We also bought our bedroom set there and we’re really happy with that. It’s similar to something we saw at a JC Penney outlet only it’s made of wood instead of some sort of white resin/plastic (not good behind black paint). This stuff is made of ash (I think he said) with Cherry veneers in an espresso finish.

new futon

New bedroom set

But the best part of going to IKEA was the trip home – poor Milk Man… The bookcases we got are pretty tall, so of course the boxes are long and flat. Well luckily our Saturn has the fold-flat front seat, which is very handy for haulin’. Of course that meant there was noplace for E to sit. If I have one criticism of the Saturn it’s that the 60/40 fold-down back seats the 60 is behind the driver – so if you have something to push all the way forward and it’s wider than the 40 – you loose the whole back seat. I guess they figure we’ll have skis or something skinny like that (ha). Anyhoo – we had to get creative to get home. Here’s a photo!

Milk Man in the Saturn