Nov 2

Why I voted for Obama

Posted by Mrs. M

What it boils down to for me is civil rights. I thought I had the same rights and privileges as everyone else in America. But it turns out there are a lot of people who don’t think I am capable of making my own decisions. Not about family planning anyway. And what is really terrible is when I hear people making decisions based on their own prejudices. Religion has no place in political or government discussions. The values of your religion should be applied when you make decisions for yourself and your children, not your neighbors. Making abortion into this all or nothing football is the worst kind of politics. Making an amendment to the United States Constitution to take away rights from half the public is atrocious. It is completely against the spirit of the nation. It also backdates all civil rights gains to the 1950s… I believe this is a slippery slope… A next thing you know people will start questioning the 15th and 19th amendments (those are the suffrage amendments). The only power that the constitution limits is that of the federal government. It should never limit the power of its people.

Those on the right are voting to take away rights from women (the is no amount of ‘except in the case of…’ that makes this right). These people on the right will vote to limit the rights of their own Mothers, sisters, and daughters in order to keep the LGBT community from enjoying equal rights. This is wrong. We are ALL Americans. We are all treated equally under the law. Anytime we see that a group is in-equal, we make laws that equalize that deficit.

On the left and in the middle we don’t agree with abortion. Who would say that? We are saying the the government has no business making medical decisions for anyone. The government has no business limiting access to ANY FDA approved prescription medication. The government has no business limiting access of citizens to fertility intervention. We as individuals make our own health decisions. NOT the government. What I would say about abortion is we need more funding for education for young men and women. We need more places like Planned Parenthood so men and women have access to birth control and education. Sex education should not be taught in schools from a religious slant. It should be taught as biology. There is no amount of magic, will, crazy vagina chemicals that will stop human biology. Young people need to understand that if a sperm and an egg meet, they will done the one thing they a meant to do… So lets teach our kids how to be responsible. Education is so vital for controlling unplanned pregnancy. I think with more education and access to birth control we can bring the abortion rate down to nothing! Lets all work together on the social issue, let’s not make it a national religious issue.

Obama understands that government has no role in individual liberty. Obama understands that the federal government need to be limited where possible and expanded only where necessary. Romney would destroy our social system and leverage the US government to the point of collapse, once it’s on the verge he’ll sell it off to his buddies and turn America into a Plutocracy or worse.

Jan 24

Tall adversity

Posted by Mrs. M

What is with the tall-adverse in our world? Is it really so out of the ordinary to be over 5′ 10″? I love not being short, but yet I hate all the nonsense with being tall! For instance: pants – good luck finding lengths that work. So far I have found New York & Co Jeans and Old Navy for sweats… ooh such variety. (Yes, I know I could spend $100 on Levis – do you know who you’re talking to???). And now the freaking car seat. For some reason I had it in my head that the car seat is just temporary yadda yadda yadda… Then you start thinking about it and it goes on for YEARS. Right now the infant seat cannot go behind either of us in the Saturn. For a long trip we can shove it over to the middle, but then it’s really hard to get Baby in the thing (especially now she’s getting so big). Well I thought the next seat up would be better – nope, not at all. So at this point it looks like we are going to start looking at cars to accommodate our child safely. I am so pissed I could just spit nails! I love the Saturn, it gets good mileage, cleans up easy, is easy to park and drive and is comfortable for both E and I (which is rare that he can fit so nicely in a car). But nooooo not for Baby! We’ll have to get a bigger SUV like the Chevy Traverse, or perish the thought, a mini-van! ACK! UGH. And to add insult to injury we are flying to Florida in February… I bet there has been another round of seat shortening and we’ll have to saw E’s leg off or he’ll have to stand all the way to Florida! The world is tall adverse!

Nov 19

So we failed again at this family thing. Erich stayed home with me and I thought watching a light-hearted Disney movie would cheer me up. Yeah right. We rented Up from redbox. Well the whole first segment is about these 2 kids who are childhood friends, grow up, get married and discover they cant have children. Oh that helps. Holy crap, by 20 minutes in I was waiting for them to drag poor Marley the dog out and shoot him. Jesus. Totally ruined the rest of the movie for me. And did not cheer me up either. After I get the blood work results today I am asking for a referal to an endochrinologist. Yesterday I went to the doctor in the morning at 9:15. They told me I was fine, by noon I knew it was over. I seriously do not understand what the hell is going on. My levels this time were really great – Progesterone was over 30 and hcg more than doubled over 2 days – so they stopped testing me, well at good ‘ol 5.5 weeks everything falls apart, again. Seriously, how many times can a person be expected to handle this? Also 6 months between success and failure is really wearing on me. I do not want to be one of these 40-year-olds who realize they’re pregnant and go what the hell do we do now? Maybe we should move to the Carribbean, that should fix everything.

Back on the Island of Misfit Toys

Back on the Island of Misfit Toys

Nov 4

I am pissed off!

Posted by Mrs. M

We werent born to follow – my ass

We weren't born to follow – my ass

OK, so it’s no secret that I love Bon Jovi. Well the new record – The Circle – is coming out and there is a tour. The date for Chicago was announced as JULY 30, 2010 and the freakin tickets go on sale TONIGHT. WTF? Also the damn fanclub appears to have sold it’s soul to the devil. You used to be able to get tickets in a special section at face value, you just had to be there in person with your fanclub ID, then they changed it so you could buy the tickets over the internet and they tacked on like $20-$30 to sit in the special section (sometimes these sections are nothing special). But you do not get to see your ticket before you purchase it, in fact you have no idea where you are sitting till an hour before the show… hmmm I’m sure there is no abuse there. Surly some members aren’t given preference due to their history with the club, oh surly not! (shyeah). Now I look at the tickets for this show and they are astounding! So expensive I don’t know how I could possibly afford it. According to the fanclub rules, I can’t share their site with you. so here is a link to the freaking TICKETMASTER site that is selling the EXACT SAME PACKAGES. EXACTLY the same as the fanclub!. holy crap! So to sit in the ninth row it would be $995 PER ticket. Well hell, for $995 we could go to freakin Hawaii (and have spare change to eat at the airport). HOLY SHIT!

TO: Bon Jovi (Clearly A Major corporation that has more in common with Bank of America than with me)

What the fuck is your issue? Don’t tell me you don’t control ticket prices. You are releasing a new album about how hard the times are when you are so clearly disconnected from what it was like to make – lets say less then 1 MILLION DOLLARS for 3 FREAKING HOURS of work.



Oct 24

Motor Voter my ass

Posted by Mrs. M

Of course, I register to vote at my new address when I got my new license. And I find out now (too late to do anything about it) that the DMV never filed my registration – great. Just great. Illinois has never embraced the Motor Voter Act from 1993. Compliance has always been at the minimum, making more work and more paperwork and more steps for everyone. Now I can’t vote in our local elections, I can only vote in the Federal Election (thank god). But seriously, WTF?

Jul 28

Condo – closed

Posted by Mrs. M

We are officially free of the condo monkey on our back. That’s pretty much as far as the good news goes. And can I just make an open statement to the banks of this country:

You big, stupid, fat cat corporate bankers are shooting yourselves in the foot with your ridiculous lending guidelines. People with good incomes and excellent credit should be able to buy a house in metropolitan areas without 20% down. You are being ridulous and reactionary to YOUR mistakes, not the mistakes of the middle-class, middle-income borrowers of America. So to you I say – Get your heads out of your collective ASSES!.

That’s all I have to say about that.

May 21

We are STILL living in the condo downtown. We decided to push the move to the ‘burbs back AGAIN till June 14th (which I now know is Father’s Day AND our little neices 2nd birthday) It is soooo frustrating! We just want the condo sold and to be free and clear in single debt in the ‘burbs (just like everyone else!)

Anyway. Enough ranting! We are showing the loft tomorrow and the calls keep coming. So I will *try* to remain positive. but no promises!

This new blog is kinda fancy. Milk Man set it up and I have to figure out all these bells and whistles. So bear with us as we adapt to change (never a strength for me or MM)

Furniture shopping this weekend – it’ll either be a blast or we’ll kill each other by 4pm Saturday!