Jul 8

Yep, can’t see my feet. Which would probably explain all the tripping! Oh well… Saturday will start week 29, almost three-quarters done!

Jun 28

So I did the baby registry yesterday – and that was probably the worst experience of the pregnancy (yes, worse than throwing up every 4 hours). I went to Babies R Us since that has the most stores around and just about had a panic attack or seizure trying to weed through all the crap. I was trying to keep it simple… but they design those stores the way they design casinos. They want you to ping-pong around inside for awhile and hopefully get you to buy stuff off the endcaps. Then I went to Target for those of you in babies r us free zones and basically had the same problem. I was looking for more neutral things – teals and grays and dots or whatever so that if we have another baby and it’s a boy I could use this stuff over again. Well these retailers have figured that little trick out – most everything is PINK or BLUE. the only middle ground is a green that I think is just terrible – really bright and neon-ish. So to my future son I say, man up – strong boys can wear pink too! Ugh – what a horrible experience.

Oh, and I would like add that E and I are not opposed to hand-me-downs – if you have something that is in good condition and you think we need or could use, by all means we’re perfectly content with that. We are TRYING to keep it simple and not get bogged down in the over-conveniences of the modern baby.

Jun 16

Yep, still here

Posted by Mrs. M

I thought I’d post a general update.

Construction continues on the bathroom. There were some tricky framing obstacles, so we ended up hiring a carpenter to re mediate them for us. So now the walls in the bathroom are probably the strongest in the house! They also fixed some previous bad decisions by other renovators (don’t cut giant notches in the boards that hold the house up – just an FYI). So here is the progress.

the green line of tape on the floor represents where the bathtub will be when it arrives. the line on the wall is for the tile. We have some more stuff to finish up, then the window will get replaced, probably next weekend. Then it’s just drywall and tile! (ha ha) I’ll probably head to the tile store on Friday afternoon to see what is what. I have an idea of what I’m going to do. Samples here and here.

As far as the biological construction project everything is going very well. I am well and the peanut kicks and kicks and really likes to sit diagonally with her butt in my ribs on the left and her bony little feet crammed in my ribs on the right side. I just had a short massage here at work (Massage Day!) and the masseuse was able to move her down a bit. I swear I just took my first deep breath in a week! (awesome)

I’ll try and get a new picture up – since we’re at week 25 and bump-tacular!


May 19

Random update

Posted by Mrs. M

I thought I’d post an update that all is well and we are all doing just fine. Little Frankie is growing like mad (and consequentially, so am I) My new catch phrase is “I’m hungry”. I don’t have the courage to look at the scale too often, but I don’t think I am getting out of control. (Although I do make and eat one pan of brownies every week…and it takes all my self control not to just eat the whole thing instead of dinner – lets face it… in addition to dinner!)

E and I have been shopping and making decisions on what sort of nursery we are going to have, how ridiculous we are going to be about furniture etc… We were looking at a “lifetime” set of furniture… but then I thought back to my own childhood and remembered some stories from Erich, thought about my brothers furniture and noted some stories from our niece and decided that is a ridiculous notion and I am going to get something functional and practical. There is a cute dresser at IKEA that I like and Target has cribs that are reasonably priced. I came to the realization while at Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby (can’t remember which). That the baby crap industry and the wedding industry are close cousins… They know they have your attention for a limited amount of time and their goal is to sell you as much junk as possible before you wise up. So now our motto is “keep it simple, stupid”

Here is a photo of the bump taken a few weeks ago and last night… expansion happens!

May 19th – 21 weeks

April 20th – about 18 weeks

Apr 20

So here are the pictures from our trip to Mexico… As per tradition I take a picture of kitties to bring with

Kisses always works the angles for pictures

awww Dizzy

We arrived – and the place was gorgeous! Very small and intimate.. no crowds, no lines, very quiet.

more balcony

from our balcony

from our balcony – that's the ocean!

So the first day we got a free upgrade to a deluxe room, but of course it wasn’t ready.. so we had lunch and hung out on the beach, walked around. Then at 3 when we got our room, I took a nap till dinner cause 4 am sucks (when we had to get out of the house)!

On Tuesday we decided to do a type of tour we never have time for if we dive… the all day place of interest bus tour. We went to the Mayan ruin of Chichen Itza. It was very interesting and also very hot!

Chichen Itza pyramid

Myan ball ring

snake – a symbol of fertility (obviously a patriarchal society)

camo lizzard

E humoring me

There was a Cenote onsite that was used as a place of offerings. Kind of like a wishing well. (It was cleaned out completely by the guy who discovered it… he brought a dredge)

E at the wishing well at Chichen Itza

me at the wishing well (w a cow angle on the lens) mmm orange soda

Chichen Itza pyramid

Then the tour took us to lunch at an “authentic mexican restaurant” which was a buffet in a hall FULL of people and all buses in the parking lot. Next stop, swimming in a cenote. >cue torrential tropical rain storm, lightning and all<

Cenote – POURING rain

So the next day was our last full day and E reserved a beach hut for us and the plan was to hang out on the beach and maybe meet up with the Irish couple we met on the bus (they were a ton of fun, from Belfast… hopefully they made it home)

private hut!

E at our personal beach hut

The weather – not cooporating

The wind was really blowing – we ended up going inside after lunch – it was a straight headwind coming right at us… one guy said ‘like an air massage!’ Then it started pouring and thundering again so we hung out in the room and watched the weather and TV.

Here’s a few more random pictures

Blue restaurant

stormy seas – last day

Are you lookin at me, punk?

Clearly peanut is growing! That bump happened almost overnight

Jan 26

OK – so over the last few weekends I have purchased furniture for the house. Well, specifically for the “bowling alley” as E and I call it. Its a very narrow and long room (about 13′ x 25′) and it has kind of a weird flow – being an old house and all.


I have no idea why I’m posting this – unless Candice Olson reads my blog and can help me fix it… (help me Candice, you’re my only hope!) As you can see – it is mostly a collection ground for crap we don’t know what to do with since we moved in… we had all this over-scaled art in the condo that doesn’t work with the wains-coating (or whatever it is).  **sigh**

BUT I did buy 4 chairs and a table and ottoman… 2 high-backed chairs in front of the fireplace and 2 lower chairs and table towards the front of the room (like a library/reading table).

this will have the light gray fabric

this will have the dark gray fabric (no ottoman)

this is the fabric – the ottoman that goes with the 2 high-back chairs will be in the fantastic print.

Again, no idea why I’m posting this, unless it’s to work on my own ideas…. which are pretty spare at the moment!

Jan 7

Weather related craziness

Posted by Mrs. M

So my Mom and my brother Johnny are coming to visit… so of course today we are supposed to get 10 inches of snow (figures). I convinced Johnny to stay at Dad’s a bit longer – the roads are deplorable, Erich said the less than a mile trek to Target was crazy bad. So in light of this – I am having Mom take the El in from Midway and I’ll meet her downtown. She’ll get to hang out with me at work for a while (fun fun) and then we’ll take the Metra to the ‘burbs – that should shave about 4 hours off her travel, and also a lot of stress!


She’s flying thru this storm of storms now – miraculously she took off on time, hopefully they won’t have them circle around too long!

Dec 21

Kitty love

Posted by Mrs. M

Aww – they must have bonded after their Christmas hat ordeal (yes, Dizzy really sleeps like that, he is more puppy than kitten)


Nov 23

Why did I go see Twilight? Some people may think its for the obvious reason…

Exhibit A:

But that isn’t it, I mean Cedric Digory/Edward Cullen is a good looking kid. (Geez am I old or what) And it isn’t that the books are such literary genius either. I think it’s that I enjoy reading the books and I am very impressed with how faithful the movies have been to the books. The clever way the filmmakers take what is a lot of whinny thought out of Bella’s head and make it visual for film. And the scenes they use are done elegantly with a minimum of dialog, but you still get the right feelings. I am so looking forward to Isle Esme – I hope the ratings board can handle it.

I think also that this helps with the tremendous disappointment of the Harry Potter movies and the favoring of action over content and the fact that they turned a 15 year old girl into a wanton slut (re: Ginny Weasley)… more on that later.

Sep 3
corrosion – eww

corrosion – eww

E found out why my steamer quit. eww.