Dec 15

back at work

Posted by Mrs. M

Ho-hum. Back at work 🙁 I know I am good and lucky that Baby can stay at home with her Grandma and play with one of her cousins. No bundling up and schlepping to day care in the morning. Only fun adventures with Grandma or Daddy or out to dinner with Mommy and Daddy. She is a lucky lady. I am also hoping this will help her not get sick this winter – I’m hoping we can avoid RSV till next year.

I am sad at work – but I have pictures and I know she’s in good hands. Adult conversation is over-rated, and I mostly sit in my office all day by myself, so what’s the diff? Oh well. I am thinking about joining a gym to try and get in shape. I’ve read online that Women’s Workout World is a cheap, basic place with classes and weights. Looks like they will also do a non-contract option, which is great for me because who knows what will happen in the next year… we’re still planning on winning the mega millions 😉

Nov 28

I actually finished a project. I’m glad I didn’t plan on accomplishing a lot while I’m home, baby TV takes up most of my time… Technically I could so other stuff, but why? 😉

Two more weeks till it’s back to the “real world” Not looking forward to that!

Here’s some pictures with the monster (Sorry, stupid iPhone app wouldn’t add the photos, had to do it manually!)

Baby with her Monster

Side one – grumpy face

Side 2 – Smiley face

Sep 7

Labor on Labor Day

Posted by Mrs. M

No, not that kind of labor – the kind that involves cleaning.

Behold: a 2-car garage!

and behold the cost of that 2-car garage!

Yep – filled a whole bagster again with all the “scrap” from the construction. E also got rid of a bunch of random crap previous homeowners had left for us behind the garage, cut limestone, red brick pavers, and a single tire (?) Oh well. At least we can get 2 cars in the garage again and shouldn’t have to play car shuffle as much. And our junk pile behind the garage is significantly diminished. Of course the bad thing was I saw a fat little mouse in the garage as we were moving stuff. I think they’ve chewed thru the “wood” exterior of the garage (geniuses used particle board to save money) and they have an indoor/outdoor space in the wood pile outside and the back corner of the garage. E is going to get some mothballs to try to discourage them.

Baby is still cooking – she is beating up her mother quite a bit – but I keep telling her, if you want more room you are just going to have to come out! She countered that by expanding my belly yet again.  **sigh** a little less than 3 full weeks till D day. Hopefully this will be my last full week of work, I may do a couple days next week, depending on what we hear at the doctor’s tomorrow. Update: all is well and I am 1cm dilated. the process begins.

Aug 31

36 weeks and a clean house

Posted by Mrs. M

OK, here is the 36 week photo – went to the Doctor this morning, all is well, she is in “launch position” but no dilation. So we’ll see next week! (Oh and I LOST 3 pounds, ha ha! confirming my theory that some of this weight is in the waste management area)

36 weeks

And here are pictures of the house – clean. and the baby’s room – done (Of course extra special thanks to my Mother-in-law and husband who did the lion’s share of the cleaning… I did most of the fit-throwing)

Living room – wow, furniture

dining room with chandeliers

bathroom – 98% complete, 100% functional

Veronica's room

The crib wall – those are wooden letters

Her IKEA dresser with 3D wall accents

Aug 17

34 weeks (39 days to go)

Posted by Mrs. M

So here is the 34 weeks photo… ugh!

34 weeks

Had a wonderful baby shower on Sunday. So special thanks to Sue, Jen, Kathleen and Mom for such a great event! The theme was “Baby Bling” and Jen did a spectacular Tiffany-themed cake. the jewels inside were edible! We also had brownie lolly-pops and a watermelon baby stroller. So fun!! I wish I would have thought to take a picture of the crowd – but we all had a lot of fun!

baby shower cake with bling!

awww – down to the last detail

Aug 12

The last mile.

Posted by Milkman

It would be safe to say that the tiling process for “Project ClusterF%!K” has been an educational experience. As my better half put it “Simple, but not easy”.

It’s up, every last damn piece of tile….(the tape is holding some of the top-heavy pieces in place until the thinset fully cures)….but behold the wonders of a LOT of tough nights and 125 pounds of thinset.

Aug 5

I would like to have a gallery on this site – sure easy, no problem. BUT I would like to be able to order prints from one of the online retailers right off this site… like snapfish or kodak. Anybody seen anything good that will work? It seems like a simple thing, but it doesn’t look like it happens that way!!

Aug 2

reskinned – again

Posted by Mrs. M

Although this time I made the theme myself (based on the previous one of course) But it’s a start.

Aug 2

Bathroom – progress?

Posted by Mrs. M

So this weekend we have some headway on the bathroom. All the doors have casing on them and we are officially done with the professional building type of help (actually he is coming back one more time to drop a piece of molding off, but E is installing). We do have one minor issue with the electrical that we have to have a box moved a bit (got a little too close to the tile line). And Erich did his first foray into trim. He did an excellent job putting the outer trim on the octagon window, and the recessed cabinet he built for storage. We got the tile started on Sunday – Saturday got sucked into the remodel black hole… I don’t even remember why or what happened! But we got the fancy part mostly figured out and hopefully every night this week we are going to do a little bit of field tile to get that out of the way. Then I am hoping to finish the tile work Friday afternoon and grout on Saturday (then maybe I can get my toilet installed on Sunday!!) We’ll see.

the bathroom – a start

fancy tile work – electrical outlet was getting into the thick top border

And Bon Jovi on Friday – we had a good time. Kid Rock opened and was really good (I was surprised it was such a good show) then Bon Jovi started at 9:30… ugh, that was a little rough. And we had to walk out in the mob, that took about 40 minutes. But E was waiting with the car so it worked out. The weather was perfect, cool, nice breeze, low humidity (lucky for me!)

our seats – pretty close, but nobody ever came over on our catwalk

the exit mob taken from the field museum

Jul 21

Conversation of the week

Posted by Mrs. M

Unnamed person: “Hey Steph, when are you due?”

Me: “September 25 [insert big sigh]”

Unnamed person: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yeah, pretty sure – it ain’t 1860 anymore”

Unnamed person: “How tall is your husband again?”

In other words – yes, I am a giant cow – and WTF? Sue assures me that Erich was a perfectly normal size at birth.

30 weeks – 10 more to go!