Apr 5

The news is out….

Posted by Mrs. M

Yep – finally. E and I can say that we will be pleased to welcome a new baby on September 25. I am 15 weeks along and so far all is well, with the peanut anyway.

The following post is the saga of how we got here if you are interested… I was just putting down all the stuff I couldn’t say in case this time went like all the others.


Apr 5

OK so Monday (Jan 18) my cycle was supposed to have started 2 days prior – I was getting impatient because this was going to be the month of testing testing testing with the new fertility doc (Dr Charles Miller). So I decide that in order to make myself calm down I would take a pregnancy test that morning, hoping to be reassured by the negative result.

Holy shit it was positive. >insert shock here<

I walked downstairs with the pee-stained stick in my hand to show E and to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. I wasn’t – he had about the same expression of shock on his face. But due to our history, this was no time to dilly-dally, so I got on the phone with the new Doc’s office, told them what had happened and they said to come in and they’ll confirm with a blood test. So along with the 8 vials of blood they pulled out (those were for my initial screening looking for any disorders I may already have – aside from mental ones), they pulled a pregnancy panel. When the nurse called me back that afternoon she said my hCG was at 530.5 and progesterone at 21.7. What? That’s the highest my hcg has ever been. what? Wait what is happening?

While I was at the Doc’s office they wrote me a prescription for oral progesterone supplements (not to be taken orally… eeew). They confirmed that twice a day I should take the progesterone and they will repeat the blood test on Thursday – and we’ll have an ultrasound next Thursday and every week till probably 10 weeks. What, wait a minute – I’m still reeling!! (Of course I may just be faint from all the blood they dragged out of me!)

update its January 21 and the second round of blood came back to hCG 2461 and progesterone 29.2! Holy cow! The hCG is supposed to double and it did way better than that! Little overachiever already! Holy crap I think I’m pregnant! I am also immune to rubella and my blood type is O+ – the nurse threw that info in. And she said we would be due September 25 – which is perfect! Just between E & I’s birthdays. 1 week to ultrasound!

update it’s January 28 and we had our first ultrasound this morning. There is a sac and a yolk and the us technician said she couldn’t have placed the baby better herself. It’s measuring a little earlier than 5wks 5days, which is all good and normal. Here is the first picture:

ultrasound 1

my hCG went up to 29,592 and Progesterone when down to 20, so they doubled my progesterone up as a precaution, most women don’t even have theirs pulled more than once, this place just over tests so they can see more variables… yeah-rah, now I’ll never be able to stay awake!

On a side note I have been wretchedly ill this week – I have very bad nausea and I constantly have that “sparkle” feeling in my face like I’m going to hurl. Haven’t yet, mostly because I’m too stubborn. There was a stomach thing going around at work, so it may have been a little of that too. Yesterday I had to leave work early and go home and sleep, I just couldn’t take it. Today I feel better than yesterday, but still very nauseous. I guess that is a good sign, so I’m not complaining, its just uncomfortable!

update Its Monday, February 1 and I am still nauseous… Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were brutal… I’m guessing I had whatever stomach virus was going around. Now it’s more dizzy/nausea… more like motion sickness. This is more obvious considering as soon as I got off the train this morning I had to go throw up! I feel better after a weekend on the couch and E very nicely fetching me what I asked for… ice cream helps with the nausea. Now I’m back at work and nobody to get me stuff! πŸ™

update Its Monday, February 8 and I am still a bit nauseous… nothing like last week though. I was terribly sick all week. The nurses at the Doctors office said that when they see hCG levels jump the way mine have been, they expect to see you ill. Basically they told me to buck up! I called in sick Friday and slept. I switched to water (I had read that 7-up or clear, cold fizzy soda would make you feel better) and by Saturday I felt somewhat normal… I didn’t feel like I had something trying to rip it’s way out of my stomach anyway! It seems that any foreign object that goes in my mouth (toothbrush, finger, vitamin, food, utensil, etc) causes me to instantly wretch and gag… hmmm, that is not helpful. But, it seems to be getting a bit better, so I am keeping my fingers crossed this won’t go all the way to 14 weeks like they say on the internet! I’ve already lost around 5 lbs, I don’t think I need to loose any more!!

update Here is a postponed update from the Doctors visit last Thursday. We saw the little heart beating away – still a tiny thing, but way bigger than last week. The US tech said we’ll really be able to see it this coming week. According to the tubes, it should double in size! hCG jumped to 136,968 and doubling my prometrium supplement got my progesterone up to 25.6. They also adjusted my due date to September 27… like I’ll go on that day anyway, so I am sticking with the 25th. The original date was by the numbers, the adjusted is by the US measurements… 2 days behind is normal since they don’t know exactly when conception occurred. Here is a picture:


update Feb. 10 A & W Root beer is a god-send. My friend KB said it helped her and her sister-in-law when they were early on and feeling nauseous. After I have some I feel like a person! amazing stuff.

update Feb 24 OK, so I haven’t updated this in awhile… I have been SO tired and very ill this whole month. It’s so bad I am going on a modified work schedule starting next week – I will be off on Wednesday’s so I can try to keep myself rested. It’s really ridiculous, but by the end of the week I can barely function anymore. And at this point I go to bed at 8pm – no later than 8:30… so I get off the train at 6 or 6:15, eat dinner, take a shower, watch one 40 minute TV show with E and then I’m out. I feel bad, E is a pregnancy widow… he probably thinks I have World of Warcraft in the room, aside from the snoring it might be believable!! So anyway, update on the peanut. We were released to our regular OB after our last visit to Dr Miller. The ultrasound showed the baby the right size, shape and with a nice little heart just beating away. So seeing the heartbeat twice is their test to release you from their care. Today we had our first visit with RPW, who will be the primary OBs, this was just a nurses visit, they pulled 4 vials of blood and asked for some pee (which is no problem anymore) and they went over how their processes work and what to expect visit to visit. All seemed pretty straight forward. We see the regular doctor for the first time on March 1 and she’ll go over all the lab results with us then.

I am excited, I’d rather just post this now and get it over with… but we are going to wait till the 12 week mark. That is when I stop taking the prometrium. After a week of no meds and still pregnant (and hopefully not sick anymore) then I will feel better to shout about it. πŸ™‚

update OK – posting this saga this weekend. I am now 14 weeks! I haven’t thrown up in about 2 weeks and the nausea has gradually tapered off. Now it is just the occasional evening, but mostly I can eat anytime now, I still have trouble with pills, but at least solid foods are my friend again! We went to the doctor on Monday. I am still below my start weight so they told me to gain weight (like I have any choice!) I think I ended up loosing at least 10 lbs to the constant puking. The Doctor had no problem at all finding Frank (I call him/her Frankenstein because ‘its alive!’) and it’s just easier than saying it or baby mueller or whatever – we aren’t going to name him Frank if he’s a boy – I believe that may instigate a war with the sovereign nation of Frankovia (ha ha – inside joke). There are also various nicknames of Peanut and Lucky… We won the swag raffle at the doctors office and got a bunch of formula-related stuff which I’ll probably donate, but you never know… Several American Pediatric Society books too – so a good haul. Back to my original point… the doctor found baby Frank’s heartbeat right away – he was sitting right in the center of the belly cranking away at a solid 144 bpm (average is between 120 and 160). So Doc said ‘great – we’ll see you in 4 weeks’. πŸ™‚

Feb 18

So Johnny is officially over there. He says everyone is in good spirits but alas, he lost his cell phone on the plane. Which sucks, but it wouldn’t work over there anyway. Here is a picture he sent right before he got on the plane


the beard is supposed to make him “blend”. I’m not worried, johnny has natural camouflage and has since he was a kid. You can walk into a room, see nobody till he says something (and scares you half to death). Wish he would have quit smoking, but he says that is impossible (ha!). Anyway – think safe thoughts for my little brother please πŸ™‚

Jan 21

poor Kisses

Posted by Mrs. M

Kisses does not like change, of any kind… much less being stuffed into a box, by E no less (not that E is in anyway ungentle or unkind, she’s just my cat), taken outside, put in the car and driven to the vet of all places!

Thanks E for getting the video rockin!

Jan 7

Weather related craziness

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So my Mom and my brother Johnny are coming to visit… so of course today we are supposed to get 10 inches of snow (figures). I convinced Johnny to stay at Dad’s a bit longer – the roads are deplorable, Erich said the less than a mile trek to Target was crazy bad. So in light of this – I am having Mom take the El in from Midway and I’ll meet her downtown. She’ll get to hang out with me at work for a while (fun fun) and then we’ll take the Metra to the ‘burbs – that should shave about 4 hours off her travel, and also a lot of stress!


She’s flying thru this storm of storms now – miraculously she took off on time, hopefully they won’t have them circle around too long!

Dec 17

Kisses and Dizzy Christmas

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A friend sent me a nice Christmas card with a picture of her kitties wearing their Santa suits… So not to be outdone – Kisses and Dizzy are all ready for Christmas. Notice how happy they are, how much they LOVE wearing hats?

Dizzy and Kisses – dressed for Christmas

Dizzy and Kisses – dressed for Christmas

Oct 8

I woke up warm?

Posted by Mrs. M

This morning I woke up actually a little uncomfortably warm – there was warm air in our room and it seemed to be moving around… Wierd because I couldn’t hear the furnace blasting away trying to push non-existent air… Very strange to have heat on the second floor – I’m actually going to adjust the thermostat timer DOWN for the morning run – stranger still. Guess the old dog was too small and old. The new one is awesome! See it here We got all the options – well, we got the whole house cleaning filter and a new digital thermostat, which is so much better than the POS we bought at Home Depot when we moved in.

Image of our new furnace

Image of our new furnace

I can’t wait till next summer so I can feel the air conditioning up there too! (Yep, we did the whole system at once). On the plus, we have now updated all the moving-part type systems in the house. So as long as the electrical holds out, we’re all good.

Thanks to Dane at Dane Heating and Cooling ((630) 514-8916 also on Angie’s List) – they did a great job! (And thanks Uncle Tim for recommending them)

Jul 15

Crafty craft baby shower

Posted by Mrs. M

Our friends KB & EC had the baby shower for their first baby last weekend. KBs Mom said I could do the centerpieces. So after a few ideas didn’t pan out like I wanted, I ran across this great website, rookiemoms.com and found the “recipe” for a boozy diaper cake. The cake is made of diapers and the support structure is made of a champagne bottle! It’s a great site if you need crafts and entertainment ideas for your kids. I made some tag monsters to use with the cakes and I also crocheted a baby blanket for KB and with the spare yarn I made a little teady bear I found a pattern for online. Dizzy did something indecent with the bear the morning we were leaving, but Sue managed to get all his stuffing stuck back in, and after I put his little face on, he seemed no worse for the wear. Everyone seemed to like the cakes, and KB got 192 diapers to get her going!

Dizzy's bear

Dizzy's bear

Side cake and green bear

Side cake and green bear

Taggie Monster and side cake

Taggie Monster and side cake

Taggie Monster blankie

Taggie Monster blankie

Boozy cake for KB and EC

Boozy cake for KB and EC

I took all these with the new iphone – and I have to say the focus and camera are significantly improved from the previous version!

Feb 17

Here is our ship as seen from shore in Samana, Dominican Republic. We went on the NCL Dawn.samana-e28093-ncl-dawn

In Samana, our first stop, we had a fun day in 8′-12’+ seas going out to see the humpback whales. We were in a small and low to the water boat (which made it easier to see the whales). The captain did a good job wrangling the boat in the giant waves, although we got drenched in the process… Here’s the before and after:


And here is a photo of our quarry… the humpback whale. We saw a family group of 3 adults and 1 baby. They are very peaceful and we didn’t stay long once we had found them so as not to disturb them too much (and there where 2 people on our boat puking their guts out)


Kristina and I went into town – there isn’t much to see, it’s a new port so there is a lot of poverty and gangs of little boys running around selling sea shells and basically begging for money. I didn’t like to see that, but I’m sure as more development comes in there will be more money for schools and to keep them off the streets (we can only hope)

Next was the far richer port of St Thomas. E and I took a Jeep tour of the island, we went around the whole thing and stopped at 3 beaches along the way. We had intermittent storms through the day, but in the Carribean, nothing lasts too long!


The first beach was a private beach at University of the Virgin Islands (why didn’t I get that brochure in college?)


E and I in the water there…


Beautiful Megan’s Bay – here we were at the top of the island on an overlook of Megans Bay….

The big island in the photo is for sale, only 44 million, who wants to go in on it?!


Pointing to our new house (ha ha) or more likely where we’ll park our boat for a few weeks when we win the lottery!

Our last stop on the tour was a Saphire Beach resort where I took these photos of plants, animals, and ocean.


We wanted to go into town to Charlotte, the capital, but it started to downpour and we only had a couple of hours left to get on the boat. So we just did some shopping in port, I did some damage to the good ol AMEX and E got a new Hawaiian shirt and some rum.

Next was Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. We didn’t make any plans here, we just bummed around town and the boys went to a bar our friend Eric was familiar with, Pussers. They drank Pussers rum and the girls went shopping. Of course on the way to the place there was shopping, hence the boys sitting on the “peter” bench (ask my mom, thats what they call it!)


and a portrait of one of the roosters running around on Tortola.


E and I on the ship on “date night” we went to the steak place for dinner, it was called Cagneys – had a Chicago mob theme (shocker)

Last port was the NCL private island, Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas. The island was nice, but there was about 1,000 too many people for my taste, got a nice weird sunburn where I missed with the spray on sunblock, so did pretty much everyone else


beautiful water color next to rocks (old coral, it’s a coral and volcanic island)stirrup-fish-portrait

portrait of a fish


a towel animal our room steward made for us


E at the Calipso party on deck (yeah, a 10:30 party is past our bedtime)


funky cloud ocean outside the plane window approaching Chicago

More later – just getting the photos posted!

Dec 2

Funny video

Posted by Mrs. M

I took this video of our neice playing at our house last time they were over. I think it’s hilarious – E is pointing a laser pointer and the 2 yr old and the kitten are both going for it!(It’s a quicktime movie, so you need quicktime to view)