Oct 8

I woke up warm?

Posted by Mrs. M

This morning I woke up actually a little uncomfortably warm – there was warm air in our room and it seemed to be moving around… Wierd because I couldn’t hear the furnace blasting away trying to push non-existent air… Very strange to have heat on the second floor – I’m actually going to adjust the thermostat timer DOWN for the morning run – stranger still. Guess the old dog was too small and old. The new one is awesome! See it here We got all the options – well, we got the whole house cleaning filter and a new digital thermostat, which is so much better than the POS we bought at Home Depot when we moved in.

Image of our new furnace

Image of our new furnace

I can’t wait till next summer so I can feel the air conditioning up there too! (Yep, we did the whole system at once). On the plus, we have now updated all the moving-part type systems in the house. So as long as the electrical holds out, we’re all good.

Thanks to Dane at Dane Heating and Cooling ((630) 514-8916 also on Angie’s List) – they did a great job! (And thanks Uncle Tim for recommending them)

Sep 6

Finished! (finally)

Posted by Mrs. M

We finally finished the porch, screens in, covers on, railing is replaced. done.




Looks 10x better, don’t you think?

Jul 27

Projects weekend

Posted by Mrs. M

So instead of tackling one project this weekend – we did 3! Of course. 2 of them were supposed to be simple, but the Charlotte house had other ideas. Project one, install a screen door in seven easy steps! (Note, each step takes an hour – that bit was missing from the instructions) E worked on that stupid door all afternoon and finally finished around dinner. Project two, install a bathroom fan… easy, right? ha! Turns out the ceiling in the bathroom is a 7-layer cake, lathe and plaster, chicken wire and plaster, a drop ceiling and couple layers of drywall… no wonder the roof freakin sags – there’s a 600-pound ceiling in the bathroom alone!! (I don’t even want to KNOW about the rest!) So E had to totally rig this thing up, but it’s up. Of course he spent most of the day in the attic trying to first get through the ceiling, then on Sunday to unravel the electric, which I think, is worse than he thought. Luckily I wasn’t around for the huge mess portion of that event, I wouldn’t have been much help. I went to Lowes to get the stuff for giant project #3. Rip out and rescreen the porch – and add solid panels along the bottom so the cat won’t continue to head butt his way through the new screens, and while we’re at it, lets paint the posts too. OK, no problem, right? Ha again! It took Sue and I several hours to get all the old screen out, they used about 9,000 3 INCH nails to hold in SCREEN. *sigh* oh well, can’t be easy – But I would guess that porch is hurricane-proof.

New porch – well sorta

New porch – well sorta

We had to take the railing off the deck to get to the posts – we’re using a screening system called Screen Tight (find it at Home Depot and Lowes), hopfully that will be easier to repair than screen stapled in with half-inch trim. We’ll see. But I think the porch looks 10x better just with the posts painted. The neighbors said they think that went up in ’89 and nobodys ever done anything with it except replace the screens once.  And I found the best stuff to clean mildew and mold and moss… Clorox outdoor bleach – a 2-1 with water and stuff would just disappear. Awesome. The only casualties so far are some beat up hands and my eyeball (got some flying depris on the LAST colum I sanded, yes, I was wearing safety glasses, guess I need some full-on googles if I’m going to be sanding stuff).

Jun 15

oooh good idea

Posted by Mrs. M

OK, I am a shoe person. I love shoes. But they are all over my house. Wonder if this would solve anything?

Staircase drawers

Staircase drawers


Also wonder how hard it would be to make. We are planning on replacing the treads and fronts of the stairs. They are so freakin noisy! (And about half of the treads are split so we can’t just re-screw them)

May 11

Are we crazy?

Posted by Mrs. M

We’re either totally nuts or crazy like a fox!

We interviewed and hired an architect (thanks Uncle Tim) to start working on plans for a rather large addition. The new space will include a full basement (large enough for E to walk tall in) new family room, kitchen (which will require redesigning some of the structural support), guest suite/extra bedroom, new master bedroom, master bath and master walkin-and-dance-around closet. (Maybe even large enough for E to sleep in if he can’t stop snoring). Also we’re thinking of moving the garage and making the view out the back of the house better. We’re hoping to do alot of the work ourselves, but obviously we’re not going to be doing anything with the foundation or framing type stuff. We’d rather survive to enjoy it! But finish work that we’ve done already I think we can manage. tile, kitchen, heated floors, custom built vanity for the master etc etc.

Basically we’ve been in the house *almost* a year and we’re going to start tearing it up. Oh well, I guess we just have to have a huge project at all times!

Jan 22

Dizzy the rug and hot water

Posted by Mrs. M

Dizzy the cat – or lately as I call him “rug” cause that’s what I’m going to turn him into. I swear that cat is a maniac! Oh well – guess it’s a always a lottery. But I did specificy ask the kitten if he was retarded and he indicated that he was not – just cute and fuzzy. ha. This is how Dizzy helps out – I was modeling a new SILK dress that I got for our cruise and dizzy just couldn’t resist… E caught the whole thing on film.


And we replaced our first household appliance… the water heater. The other one was technically still functioning – but it was I think 18 years old… and they’re supposed to last about 10 years. So we had planned on doing a pre-emptive replace when we bought the house. We finally got around to it and the difference is night and day! Usually in the morning I had to turn on the shower – crank it all the way over and wait like 5 minutes for “hot” water. It was never hot enough for me. Now it’ll come up in less than 2 minutes and I can’t stand it if it’s cranked all the way over – so now I can have as hot a shower as I want! We did stick with the traditional tank-style. I know it’s less environmentally friendly, but my Mom has a tank-less one and they aren’t exactly happy with it and our brother-in-law (he’s a plumber) explained the pros and cons to me and I think this will be better for us… we could always add one of those in the future to serve just bathrooms or something… but I don’t’ think they work for a whole house situation like ours. E found some good plumbers in our area (bonus).

Fun in the suburbs! 🙂

Jul 28

Washer/Dryer – a luxury

Posted by Mrs. M

Horray for Uncle Tim! We have our brand new Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer installed and functional! Thanks to our uncle these monsters were squeezed into a closet where the old top-loaders were. We got all the pipes in the wall and moved where the dryer exhaust left the closet – but it all worked without changing the outter walls of the closet. We’re so happy with it, it’s nuts. Over the weekend I did 10 loads of laundry (at least) without breaking a sweat. It is such a luxury to have a washer and dryer in your house accessible to only you. My company took us all to a show on Sunday so while we were gone our sheets got washed and our towels got dryed. Then when we got home, I just threw the next pile in. So nice, no timers, no running to the basement, and then forgetting the f*ing quarters and having to go back up and right back down. I’ll try to post a photo of the laundry closet later.

Jun 11

So our closet in the Master bedroom has got the chimney in the middle of it. (How convenient) So putting a rod and shelves across it was out of the question. And the people that “flipped” this house didn’t add anything like closet rods, door pulls or bath hardware. So I designed a closet system using Closet Maid stuff from Home Depot. The closet has a his and hers side and up the middle of the chimney we are going to add angled shelves for shoes, but we didn’t have the proper hardware to mount them (and by “we” of course I mean “E”) But the closet looks spectacular. I think we’ll have as much storage as we do in our double closets – not as much floor space, but just as much rod space I think. Here’s a photo of the finished product

And we got some of our grown-up furniture delivered. We didn’t have to assemble it or anything! Only one hitch, the place delivered the wrong size bed frame so we’ll have to wait for them to bring a new King frame. But the dressers are really nice – they’re made of wood, not particle board. I think they’ll last at least forever!