Dec 21

Funny Baby

Posted by Mrs. M

E sent me a video of V chewing on her little hand – it’s so cute! But the last frame is the clencher… he starts talking to her and her eyes bug out… Oh I could just die from the cuteness of it all!
Here is an image of the last frame


Baby being funny

Here’s the FB video

Dec 21

Baby – in her crib :(

Posted by Mrs. M

So last night Baby slept in her own room in her own crib. So sad. She didn’t even notice I don’t think. So far she has slept right next to me in the co-sleeper. I like being able to just peep in on her all the time – now with the floors so squeaky I don’t want to keep walking around and waking her up – at least till she and I are used to it!! But I can obviously hear her on the monitor – not that I need it, she’s only right across the hall – but if you crank up the volume you can hear all her loud sleeping noises. I’m sure her Dad slept much better without all the racket in the room, but I like hearing her little whimpers, grunts and sniffles. Whoever said “Sleep like a baby” has clearly never slept next to a baby! She’s a busy little thing 24/7. And there is a lot more room in her crib for all her flailing around – poor little thing kept hitting the edges of the co-sleeper… guess I should say tall little thing!! 🙂
Notice I added a gallery page – right now it’s mostly pictures from my cell phone, but I will go thru and add new ones from the other cameras.

Nov 28

I actually finished a project. I’m glad I didn’t plan on accomplishing a lot while I’m home, baby TV takes up most of my time… Technically I could so other stuff, but why? 😉

Two more weeks till it’s back to the “real world” Not looking forward to that!

Here’s some pictures with the monster (Sorry, stupid iPhone app wouldn’t add the photos, had to do it manually!)

Baby with her Monster

Side one – grumpy face

Side 2 – Smiley face

Oct 29

update and visitors welcome

Posted by Mrs. M

OK – wow, a computer… I am shocked I remember how to turn it on! OK, so I know I have been a bad blogger and left all of cyberspace in the dark about the big event. But alas, I do have a newborn to care for!

So the birth went well, obviously we had no major problems. Our little genius scored a 9 out of 10 on her first ever test (the APGAR test for newborns). She came on her own schedule, the poor doctor didn’t even have her gloves on yet! But our nurse very helpfully caught her and all was well in the end.

She is a crazy, wonderful baby. She sleeps A LOT, but has a pretty mild temperament and seems to be adjusting well to life outside the bubble. She has her moments of puking, crying, pooping where she is less than pleased, but overall a very good baby.

If any of you want to visit and have been waiting for the signal, come on over! Here are a few photos. I am going to add a gallery page to this site so that I don’t blast the blog posts full of photos. (See when I get that accomplished!)

Leaving the hospital, getting a cuddle from Daddy – we hate clothes!!

Her ladyship with her swanky white house swag – 4 weeks old

Sep 27

Baby update

Posted by Mrs. M

No show yet, no contractions, no nothin’. I am tired of sitting around! She doesn’t let me sleep at night, so now it’s just toss, turn, wake, wait!

We went to the doctor today and had our second Non Stress Test (NST), which basically just checks to make sure she’s moving around and she doesn’t show any signs of distress when she moves or doesn’t move. We passed with flying colors. The doctors have decided to induce labor on Friday morning at 7 am. That will be October 1 and I was hoping she’d make it here in September, but I guess she’ll get here when she gets here – but definitely some time this weekend!

Here’s a picture at 39 weeks and 6 days – I am now officially in my 10th month. ugh!

yeah – giant... the black is actually a little slimming.

As far as spreading the news, I have made E Captain of Communications. He will be posting info and I have an email group set up that will send out the first pictures. I know he’ll post on Facebook and probably here too! So think laboring thoughts for me!

Sep 9

Maybe she’s dropped?

Posted by Mrs. M

Mom said take a picture to compare – it’s easier to see if the baby has dropped down. I think she has – partially because I can actually take a deep breath!

37.5 weeks – drop?

I am planning to work till next Friday – but who knows, right! Anytime baby, anytime!

Aug 17

34 weeks (39 days to go)

Posted by Mrs. M

So here is the 34 weeks photo… ugh!

34 weeks

Had a wonderful baby shower on Sunday. So special thanks to Sue, Jen, Kathleen and Mom for such a great event! The theme was “Baby Bling” and Jen did a spectacular Tiffany-themed cake. the jewels inside were edible! We also had brownie lolly-pops and a watermelon baby stroller. So fun!! I wish I would have thought to take a picture of the crowd – but we all had a lot of fun!

baby shower cake with bling!

awww – down to the last detail

Jul 21

Conversation of the week

Posted by Mrs. M

Unnamed person: “Hey Steph, when are you due?”

Me: “September 25 [insert big sigh]”

Unnamed person: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yeah, pretty sure – it ain’t 1860 anymore”

Unnamed person: “How tall is your husband again?”

In other words – yes, I am a giant cow – and WTF? Sue assures me that Erich was a perfectly normal size at birth.

30 weeks – 10 more to go!

Jul 8

Yep, can’t see my feet. Which would probably explain all the tripping! Oh well… Saturday will start week 29, almost three-quarters done!

Jun 28

So I did the baby registry yesterday – and that was probably the worst experience of the pregnancy (yes, worse than throwing up every 4 hours). I went to Babies R Us since that has the most stores around and just about had a panic attack or seizure trying to weed through all the crap. I was trying to keep it simple… but they design those stores the way they design casinos. They want you to ping-pong around inside for awhile and hopefully get you to buy stuff off the endcaps. Then I went to Target for those of you in babies r us free zones and basically had the same problem. I was looking for more neutral things – teals and grays and dots or whatever so that if we have another baby and it’s a boy I could use this stuff over again. Well these retailers have figured that little trick out – most everything is PINK or BLUE. the only middle ground is a green that I think is just terrible – really bright and neon-ish. So to my future son I say, man up – strong boys can wear pink too! Ugh – what a horrible experience.

Oh, and I would like add that E and I are not opposed to hand-me-downs – if you have something that is in good condition and you think we need or could use, by all means we’re perfectly content with that. We are TRYING to keep it simple and not get bogged down in the over-conveniences of the modern baby.