Jan 18

Week 39 – finally

Posted by Mrs. M

Week 39 – finally. We are patiently waiting for our new little lady to arrive. Hopefully she will be prompt and quick! My Mom gets here on Tuesday, and E’s Mom is on call for taking care of V. Ready. Set. Go?
Here’s a picture – much less miserable than I was before. Of course I’ve only gained about half of what I did last time! (part of that is that I started with more 😉 Also I am wearing my invention. My shirts don’t cover my belly at the bottom and I kept getting a cold draft up my coat. So to solve this problem I created the belly sweater! I took an old sweater of E’s, cut the top off, made a new hem to keep it from fraying. I also had to take it in just a bit, I only did it on one side, just to make life easier. Then when I wear it I put the sweater on under my shirt, it keeps baby belly nice and cozy and I didn’t have to buy a bunch of maternity sweaters that will only shrink and get ruined. ta-da.

39 weeks pregnant belly sweater

at 39 weeks – 7 days to go!

Nov 1

Last time it was only my feet I couldn’t see… this time the bump is hiding something slightly more important!! (of course I can still FEEL and HEAR!)



Sep 13

Baby #2 images!

Posted by Mrs. M

The US tech said it is “probably” a girl. wasn’t as definitive as before… so I guess we will have about 19 more weeks to wait!

Profile, thumbs up Momma!

Profile baby!

looking at the "camera" - another ham!

another profile

3D image, the tech had a hard time with this, baby was in a wierd spot

Sep 2

Pregnancy update

Posted by Mrs. M

Well, second child syndrome already! I haven’t posted an update on the current pregnancy. I am at 19 weeks and 3 days. We have our ultrasound appointment coming up in mid-September, then we’ll find out if it’s a boy or a girl. So far everything has been peachy. I am still waiting for that second trimester energy boost, but maybe that won’t happen with an 11 month old to chase! I am just glad the nausea is over. This time was really bad and even lasted a bit longer than the first. Good new is I lost about 15-ish pounds on the scale, but who knows how much is cheddar from the previous baby vs what the new baby has put in! Anyway. All is well and we’ll have news of the sex by V’s first birthday. Here’s a bump photo

19 weeks bump

19 weeks bump

And here’s baby V wondering what we are doing on the back porch
Baby V at the door

Hey, what are you guys doing?

V is crawling like crazy. She can go up the stairs quite quickly (as long as she doesn’t try to get down, stop and rest or otherwise get distracted). The bottom stair gate is now up and annoying the cats. She is walking along the couch and experiments all the time with balance…. so we are almost to the literal chase stage. Fun fun!!

Sep 1

A few people have asked about what size baby is wearing. So here is the breakdown of what she wears and what she needs:

Gift Cards
Kohl’s, Target, Old, Navy, or Once Upon a Child

College education
Form for contributions to Veronica’s 529 Savings Plan

She is getting a custom rocking chair already from her Momma and Grandma Havens. She could use a kid scale table and chairs. (These examples are just for illustration – if you have better ideas it’s all good with us!)

Also mesh bed rails for a toddler bed

Potty training will start soon enough BABYBJÖRN Smart Potty and BABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer

I haven’t gotten a growth chart yet, I thought these were cute Eeboo growth chart.

She is wearing 12 month size right now. So for fall and winter I suggest 18 month size. We like putting her in leggings and long sleeve t-shirts or sweaters for day to day – (if you go to Old Navy its 18-24 month size). Always err on the side of a little larger as Miss V is ahead of the curve in size!!

She could use mittens and a hat and furry boots would be a good idea as well.

If you are more into spring, I would go with 24 month size.

Shoes are tricky, right now I think she is wearing size 3

Baby loves books and she has very few

Puzzles and classic educational toys

Circo bath toy storage &/or coordinating bath mats

Soft Dolls (these are so cute: Learn to dress doll)

My policy on noise-making toys is it’s fine if it makes noise, as long as that noise is initiated by the kid. Toys that just make noise for the sake of noise are no-no’s. The exception to this rule is drum sets. Buy us a drum set and make the shit-list forever!

Aug 11


Posted by Mrs. M

August 11, after listening to DaDaDa all week (which is understandable since Daddy isn’t here we talk about him alot). Baby crawled over, put her hands on my legs to climb up and said Mo-mmma Momma then she did it with her funny little vibrating lips trick… which would be something like Mobbbbbbbrrrrrrrrmmmmmaaa. ??!

Thought that deserved a post!

Jul 25

Complete update

Posted by Mrs. M

Blog? I have a blog? Holy cow! OK, I know I know… everytime I have time to do this, something comes up. I swear. So anyway – I thought I should give a full update so we are all on the same page.
Baby V is doing just fantastic. She is a week away from being 10 months old and she is just the cutest, fun-est thing ever! She is crawling like crazy and standing on the furniture. Her little personality is coming out in her crazy facial expressions (just like Mamma) and in her cunning and escape abilities (just like Pappa). She has 2 bottom teeth, and I’m sure the top ones are close to coming through.

She is into exploration – had some fun at Grandma’s in the grass

And she is eating more and more different foods. Here is a peach and blueberry puree I made for her… We had to give her a bath after this one, she even had it on her feet!!

Me. As most of you know, I am not working at the moment (unless you are hiring for freelance Graphic Design, then call me). So I am staying at home with the baby full time, while looking for a new freelance or part-time job. I really don’t want to work full time if I don’t have to, I miss so much of her with the commuting and being gone all day. And baby V is the main priority at the moment.

The house. This was going to be the year we were going to get a lot done… alas. We did go ahead and get the large windows in the back ordered for replacement, and the door in the office… that should maybe save us a little money on heating and cooling… so all for the best.

Oh and the best and final news: New baby #2 is on the way! Whoo-hooooo! That was a lot easier… oh well. That’s what happens when you decide to take a month or two off after being laid-off… pregnancy happens!

We are due in late January or the first week of February

That is the long and the short of everything for now. I’ll try and keep this more up to date!

Jan 24

Crib bumpers

Posted by Mrs. M

So I was a good Mommy and removed the crib bumpers from Baby’s crib. Now that she’s been in there a couple months she just has a jolly time in her bed all night. She kicks and kicks and talks and laughs with herself. Which is good – she is what people call a “self-soother”. Such a good Baby. BUT – she kicks and kicks and while she hasn’t rolled over yet she turns in a circle with her head as the center point. Well of course the mattress is narrow thru the middle so she gets her feet in between the crib bars. She thinks this is just hilarious. I see her waiting for me to appear in the morning then she just cracks up laughing and kicking her little feet up and down in the slats. **sigh** It must remind her of Mamma’s ribcage – cause she did the same thing to me during the pregnancy. So I have re-installed the bumpers. She is fully capable of rolling over, she just chooses not to and she can turn her head to either side on her tummy or on her back. Sure enough this morning I went in and her little knees were jammed up against the bumper – foiled at her game. Silly precious baby.

Jan 7

I love technology

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Mommy can see Baby if Daddy is there to run the computer. Such a sanity saver – and it will probably prevent me from getting fired for wanting to leave at 2 everyday!

video chat with baby!

Dec 31

Christmas fun

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We had a wonderful, yet exhausting Christmas. First we went to the Beasley family get together and got to see everybody – even my step-sibs from Florida and Colorado. Baby charmed everyone and got so pooped out we had to take a disco nap – something she never does at home. Of course there’s only 3 people fawning over her here 😉 Then we continued on to the Grandparents to hang with the sibs. We had a lot of fun there – so much in fact that there are hardly any photos **sigh** oh well – next year we are assigning the 3 Dad’s to take stills and video so Mom’s and Grandma’s can help with gifts and kids.
Then to top it off we had a visit from our friends from Michigan and their beautiful twins – again, we had so much fun we didn’t take any pictures. But, lots of fun!
Here’s a picture of Baby with her loot. Thanks to everyone for being so generous!